Fact: The song has 6 features total, including the producers 

Fact: Album cover image by Zabou. Check out her work at:

Release Year: 2018 

Special thanks: 
All the collaborators in this song and all those who will hopefully be inspired by it. 


Free Download: VISION


Fact: "People Over Money" mixes 5  different music genres. Hip Hop, Raggae, Classical, Cumbia and Salsa. 

Fact:  "My Home" was featured in an article called, "The Facebook Effect (On Real Estate Prizes) on TechCrunch, an online magazine with over 6.3 million followers. 


Fact 3: The song "Power" won "One of the Best Songs" of the Conference at West Coast Songwriters Conference in Fall 2015. 

Fact 4: Freddy Flowpez got to perform several songs from this project at Standing Rock in North Dakota in Winter of 2016.



Release Year: 2015 


Free download: A Moment Of Power EP